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"I'm a creative in multiple of disciplines of art, currently residing in Nashville" are the words I use to break the ice on every first date.


  I'm a photographer and music artist. As for camera things, my love lies in street photography. In this modern age where no work-out goes unposted, I find most meaning in the unrehearsed nature of street and nature photography. However, headshots pay the bills and I happen to enjoy shooting anything and everything for that matter. Whatever keeps me from financial ruin.

Speaking of, if you're a bill collector then HOLY COW you missed your calling in detective work, but if you're anyone interested in my photography catalog then feel free to send me an email. It is my hope that you see something you'd like to work with. If not, I can't possibly be expected to compensate you for your time lost, as time itself is eternally priceless. 

That's what you get for taking a chance on someone, pal. 



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