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Why "oh, coyote" and just who am I?

What began as an oddball name for an imaginary Tequila I wanted to distill has turned into the overarching name I use to brand all things I do; "Oh, coyote." It's a slogan that rolls off the tongue and that's good enough for me.  

I've always been a writer but it took short time in my life to become a songwriter soon as I began aimlessly whacking on drums as a teenager. Today, I work as an active music producer in Nashville alongside my friend and artist Matt Brown.


Over the years I've unexpectedly fallen in love with street and nature photography. In a world where everything feels scripted I find meaning in it's unrehearsed nature, and in my opinion, it's the most genuine style of photography there is. 

This website serves as a home for all the things I do and as a potential calling card for any who may want to utilize my services in photo and video. Feel free to reach out in any way. Nevertheless, it's my hope you see or hear something you like here on my website. 



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